Lux - Sunrise and Sunset

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iPhone iPad Mac

• Completely redesigned app (We listened to your suggestions and completely redesigned the app, adding new features and new graphics)
• Follow the sun to every location in the world (Now you can follow the position of the sun, sun above the horizon indicates its birth and below the horizon indicates its position after sunset)
• Infinite locations (Add new locations and if they are far from you you will see the position of the sun in different positions relative to the earth)
• Local notifications at sunrise or sunset (Turn on local notifications to be notified of sunrise and sunset events)

• Now compatible with iOS 14
• Support for dark mode
• Added compatibility with iPhone 6.1" and iPhone 6.7"
• Added compatibility with iPad 10.9"

• New weather provider
• General improvements

• New weather provider

• Now compatible with iPad 10.2"

• Fixed an issue that caused an error in loading sunrise and sunset times

• The weather service provider Apixu has been shut down and has now become Weatherstack, we have updated to make the App work again.
As always we try to guarantee a service without interruptions

• Now compatible with iPhone X, iPad Pro 10.5", iPad Pro 12.9"
• Support for iOS 12
• Graphic improvements
• Fixed minor bugs

• Now compatible with iPhone X, iPad Pro 10.5", iPad Pro 12.9"
• Graphic optimization
• Fixed small bugs

• Detection sunrise, sunset, sun position, location
• 6 different backgrounds between day and night
• Change background automatic
• Notification to the sunrise
• Notification to the sunset
• Synchronization notifications to change time of sunrise and sunse
• Share Sunrise and Sunset
• Devices: all iPhone, iPad and iPod
• iOS: 8.0 or later
• Supported languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

Lux - Sunrise and Sunset

Have you ever wondered how much time remains before sunrise or sunset?
Do you want to be notified 30 minutes or 1 hour before sunset or sunrise?
Sit back and forget about it, Lux is able to offer this on time and forever.

Activate Notification sunrise or sunset, and set a time.
Our algorithm synchronizes the notifications to the changing time of sunrise and sunset.


Detection of sunrise, sunset, sun position, location, weather conditions, location time, time remaining to the event
Position of the sun in all your favorite locations
Sunrise notifications
Sunset notifications
Choice of notification before, after or at the event with daily repetition
Synchronization of notifications when the sunrise and sunset times change in the current location
Unlimited locations

Supported languages

English, Italian, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, German.

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