UV - Ultraviolet

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• Fixed a bug where the UV data graph was partially loaded

• The app has been completely redesigned
• Landscape orientation support
• Support all iPhone and iPad
• Added support for new languages: danish, finnish, norwegian and Swedish
• Ability to upgrade to Pro: 3 days UV forecast chart

• Fixed an issue with the name of the current location

• Fixed minor bugs

• New Weather Api weather provider
• Now compatible with iPad 10.2"

• Fixed an issue that caused a delay in collecting weather data

• The weather service provider Apixu has been shut down and has now become Weatherstack, we have been working to make the App work again.
As always we try to guarantee a service without interruptions

• Now compatible with iPhone 5.5", 5.8", iPhone 6.1", iPhone 6.5", iPad 10.5", iPad 11" and iPad 12.9"
• Now you can access your favorite cities more easily, right from the right menu
• Now the weather service is offered by apixu.com
• Support for iOS 12
• Graphic improvements
• Fixed minor bugs

• Now compatible with iOS 8
• Graphics information optimized
• Added new functionality to the map
• Fixed a bug that prevented the correct operation of the settings

• We have disabled the UV forecast, because of excessive costs from our weather services provider
• Fixed a bug that prevented the correct display of the UV values ​​when the data coming from the server was a real number and not an integer

• Fixed a bug that prevented the graph display
• We have extended the actual plan with wunderground.com to support all our users

• Optimized some graphics behaviors
• Fixed minor bugs

• Real time measurement of the UV radiation
• Location detection
• Weather conditions display
• Indicator clothing recommended for protection from sunlight
• Current Map position
• Graph UV forecasts in the coming hours
• Search Cities
• Save favorite places (without limitation)
• Reliability in its use (data from wunderground.com)
• Graphics intuitive compliant with the new standard iOS 7
• Ease of use

UV - Ultraviolet

UV Ultraviolet helps protect you from UV rays, giving you the level of solar ultraviolet radiation that reaches the Earth's surface at the point where you are.

Make sure you turn on the Location Services on your device and that you are connected to the Internet. At this point the application will detect your geographical location. The display will show the name of the location and the value of the UV radiation, indicating also recommendations for the level of protection required. The data are provided by wunderground.com.


Measurement of UV radiation in real time
Location detection
Detection of weather conditions
Recommended clothing indicator for the protection of the sun's rays
Search City
Save favorite places (unlimited)
Ease of use

Supported languages

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish.

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