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• Bug fix (In some cases the humidity data graph loaded only one day)
• Various optimizations (Improvements to some graphic components)

• Fixed a bug where the Humidity data graph was partially loaded
• German language fixes
• New languages support: Czech, Korean, Croatian, Greek, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Turkish

• Loading of humidity data could fail on first launch of the app

• iCloud support

• The App has been completely redesigned
• Landscape orientation support in both iPhone and iPad
• Support all iPhones and iPads
• Added one day humidity forecast for Pro users
• Completely redesigned humidity forecast graph for Pro users

• Now compatible with iOS 16
• Added compatibility with iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

• Now compatible with iOS 14
• Added compatibility with iPhone 6.1" and iPhone 6.7"
• Added compatibility with iPad 10.9"

• Fixed minor bugs

• Fixed minor bugs

• New Weather provider

• Fixed an issue that caused a delay in collecting weather data

• Now compatible with iOS 13
• Added iPad 10.2" support

• Fixed an issue that caused an error in loading the chart data in the PRO version

• Now compatible with iOS 13
• Now support Dark Mode
• Enabled weather data update time

• The weather service provider Apixu has been shut down and has now become Weatherstack, we have updated to make the App work again.
As always we try to guarantee a service without interruptions

• Added hourly graph for today and tomorrow on humidity forecasts, accessible via the Pro version
• Graphic improvements

• We have re-enabled the compatibility of the App from iOS 9.3 or later

• Graphic improvements

• Now compatible with iPhone 5.8", iPhone 6.1", iPhone 6.5", iPad 10.5", iPad 11" and iPad 12.9"
• Now the weather service is offered by apixu.com
• Support for iOS 12
• Graphic improvements
• Fixed minor bugs

• Now compatible for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Watch
• Support Today Widget
• Graphics completely renovated
• Fixed minor bugs

• Added new languages: Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish and Swedish

• Now compatible with iOS 8
• Optimization and graphic simplification
• Optimized map
• Fixed a bug that caused the app crashes in search of a city (in some cases)
• Optimized algorithm of the location where the device is located

• Added new language: Dutch
• Map current position
• City Search
• Save favorite places (without limitation)
• Optimized Design
• Fixed minor bugs

• Fixed a bug that caused losing control of the indicator of the hygrometer in certain situations.

• Added new languages: Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.
• Added information about the weather conditions.

• Added new features: forecasts of humidity are automatically updated in real time the next time the App is opened.
• Fixed a bug that concerned the icon on the App Store.

• Real time measurement of atmospheric humidity
• Reliability in its use ( data from wunderground.com )
• Graphics intuitive compliant with the new standard iOS 7
• Ease of use

Hygrometer - Air humidity

Hygrometer is the ideal tool to measure the humidity of the outside air.

Make sure you are connected to the internet and enable Location Services on your device.
At this point the application will detect your location.
The display will show the name of the locality, the percentage of humidity present at that time and information about the weather conditions.


Realtime measurement of atmospheric humidity
Place detection
Weather conditions
Search City
Save favorite places (unlimited)
Intuitive Graphics
Easy to use

Supported languages

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish.

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